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         Connectivity is an interesting idea. I make to create a conversation between objects and people, to talk about things that may be too gentle or rigid for words. My fascinations lay within the relationships between people and their homes, where the white space in between projects a certain friction or discomfort. I also gravitate toward the little things that collect and emit fragments of quiet bliss. Ceramic is attractive material because it articulates itself in various rhythms. Clay can be honest and humble, fragile or loud and quiet. It allows for cadency, movement and print. I work to use the mark of the hand to develop a language and assert comments on the binaries that are enjoyment and disquiet.


         Where are the parallels drawn? I am attracted to time distressed material. Wood and rusted metal reflects age and the indication of change. The change always leaves a sense of foreboding lingering reflected in the surface of these objects. My ceramic work relates to these surfaces in both by attempting to counter act the Unheimliche by recognizing personal moments in delight and by highlighting the discomfort. I find that a great deal of this binary play is focused in utilitarian kitchen-based objects. I am interested in this area of study because it holds a strong familial reference as well. Moving from the study of spoons and mirrors this semester, I plan to find more pairs or grouping of household objects that fall into this binary relationship.


         For my thesis proposal, I would like to continue thinking of objects and the relationships between them. I would like to reference a home through an assemblage of groupings. The aged wood and metal relate to one another in terms of change and time, and I would like to communicate this aspect as an undertow throughout this collection of things as well. My goal is to bring all of these schemas into compilation, while playing with the discomfort and antidote binaries.